COVID-19 Management Solution

Accelerate your pandemic response using automated workflows

The Digitization of EHS Services 

EnviroSolutions & Consulting in partnership with BlueKanGo France, aim to deliver digital transformation to companies who are having difficulty in their QEHS business processes. BlueKanGo software eliminates the old practice of paper forms,  excel based spreadsheet, reporting, and manual task monitoring into an automated QEHS Management System. This way, you work smarter, perform better, and deploy your company's strategic plans efficiently with less operational costs. Now is the right time to simplify your EHS Services with BlueKanGo software to improve quality and increase productivity.  

Make Use of Technology Grants

Do you know that the Singapore Government offers grants for the implementation of BlueKanGo software? Contact us to find out more

Quality & EHS Solution 

Incident Management
  • Automatically enter the incident reporting form and create a detailed incident report for injuries, near misses, dangerous occurrences, occupational diseases.

  • Share the form for approval.  

  • Record, track and report incidents anywhere and anytime with any device

Audit Management
  • Conduct site audits on your mobile device

  • Use the camera, GPS and dictation functions of your device

  • Works both offline and online. 

  • Save 50% of the time you spend on audits and inspections!

  • No paperwork, no spreadsheets, all data is in one central platform

Risk Management
  • Use our smart form for your risk assessments

  • Perform environmental aspects and impacts analysis and comply with ISO 14001

  • Monitor your risks and incidents and trigger actions to reduce risks 

  • Define review cycles for your risks assessment and send notifications to risk owners

Quality Management 
  • Automate your quality management system and get rid of Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Actions and Tasks
  • Create and assign tasks with alerts to assignee 

  • Automatically trigger actions and tasks from other modules

Certification & Compliance
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations, today and in the future

  • Self-certification for ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, OHSAS 18001, SS506.

Permit to Work
  • Your digital PTW solution that saves time

  • Use photos and digital signatures for more safety

Hazard Identification
  • Use our mobile App to identify hazards and receive instant notifications

  • Reward your workers for identifying hazards

Safety Inspections
  • Mobile inspections with automated reporting that save the time of your WSHO

  • Supports the device camera - pictures say more than 1,000 words

Training Management
  • Create your custom trainings with videos, graphics and text sand test knowledge with questionnaires

  • Keep track of the performances and make sure everybody is trained sufficiently

Environmental Impact Assessment 
  • Use our module for EIAs to save time on field and eliminate the need to sit down at your desk for reporting

Safety Case
  • Manage all your Safety Case documents in one place

  • Set automatic revision alerts and use smart version control to master MOC

Document Management
  • Store all your Quality and EHS documents in one place, with full access and version control

  • Use revision, signature and link features to work more efficiently

Dynamic Reporting
  • Automatically create reports (PDF, Word,...) that you can share with your managers

  • Customize these reports easily

Real-time Statistics
  • Build dashboards that deliver insights in real-time

  • Find root causes by looking at your data

Software Features

Intuitive Design

Direct your users to the tasks that are important. The easy-to-use interface allows you to onboard users without long training times. 100% hassle-free.

No download required

Everything happens in the browser - online and offline. Integrate your existing systems easily.

Build your own Apps

Using the App builder, you can build your own Quality & EHS modules and easily deploy them across your organization without coding skills.






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Why Our Clients Choose Us?


Easy access from any browser

Affordable and transparent subscription price


Works online and offline


Designed to match existing business process

No download required

Tailored to fit any number of employees



Xavier RONELLE - Quality Coordinator - DS Smith

Nowadays, BlueKanGo brings us time saving in real time consolidation ... It is a friendly tool, fully in adequation with
your needs.


Ronan Le SAEC - Project Manager - Sodexo

The solution has been greatly welcome by our auditors who strongly appreciate all the features.


M Yazia TOUDJI - Quality System Manager – Alstom

We have just been ISO 9001 certified by TÜV. The audit report states that the "BlueKanGo application for the QMS" is a valuable asset.