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Building and Construction 

Industry Overview

In construction industry, follow-up of a construction site demands strictness and smooth organization flow. That's why we recommend you to adopt a computerized professional solution to get over with paper, e-mail exchanges and tons of archived files and automate your processes.


BlueKanGo software for Construction industry guarantees you an optimal tracking of building management and construction sites from planning, project coordination to various groups, and site management using our QEHS Pre-Configured Applications. Here you can manage and control your construction management system.

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BlueKanGo Integration

BlueKanGo's integrated software solution is completely configurable by segment of activity depending on your choice and business practice. Our system is made flexible so we can fully adapt to your specific set up. 

BlueKanGo software integrates:

  • Permit to Work System (PTW)

  • Document management system.

  • Business Intelligence unit, to follow-up interesting reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Single Global Action Plan, regardless of the number of employees and production sites.

  • Information portal : Customized interface to broadcast information to the users. 

  • Building workshop to create your own applications 

  • Flow charting application, to map strategic positions, processes and human organization.

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Government Grants

BlueKanGo software is eligible for Singapore Government Grants for companies who wish to innovate and improve productivity when you adopt our technology solutions. You can get Grants of up to 70%. 

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