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Compliance Management System

Simplify and strengthen your business operation

Compliance Management System (CMS) helps to manage compliance for any business or organization and helps to govern and track local and global regulatory requirements in real-time. 


CMS is a solution designed to centralize, consolidate, automate, and streamline your business processes using a single platform. CMS enables your organization to have better efficiency and improve communication. With CMS you can manage risk, workflow and have full visibility and overview of compliance requirements helping you reduce the cost of risk.

When you avail of the CMS package, you are not just buying software alone.  ESC will provide a dedicated EHS Consultant to provide regulatory watch updates every 3 months and keep you updated with the changes in the regulations. 

Compliance Management System

Compliance Management System (CMS) Package  


  • Regulatory Watch service updated every 3 months

  • Site Audit Inspection module

  • Up to 10 Audit Checklists

  • Risk Assessment module

  • Certification Management (Up to 5 ISO records)

  • Self-Assessment Tool

  • Online access to the Compliance Management System

  • Local phone support (charges apply)

  • Free email, chat, and ticket support

  • Free 1-day admin training

Are you looking for a customized solution? 


We can discuss your unique requirements and work with you to create a fit purpose solution based on your need. Simply fill up the form and our consultant will be in touch. 

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