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Accelerate your pandemic response using automated workflows

Digital solutions to help manage and mitigate the risks from COVID19 pandemic

As the COVID19 outbreak continues to disrupt lives and economies around the globe, it is clear that organizations are facing challenges to address the impact of the pandemic on workplace operations and worker's health and safety. 


This crisis has also become more pressing for most organizations to be more competitive and adopt a digital strategy to be more resilient and maintain business continuity. 

ESC's COVID19 Management solution help companies access their business operations remotely, streamline complicated processes, and bring greater efficiency.

COVID19 Management Solutions 

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✔ Push notification alerts

✔ Custom streamlined workflow creation

✔ Online approval process

✔ User rights access and control

✔ Real-time data and statistics review

✔ Offline mode

✔ Camera, voice, GPS, and e-signature enabled

✔ Accessible reports and records anytime and anywhere

✔ Fully integrated cloud-based system



The COVID19 app can be easily integrated into existing management system


Track visitor logs daily. Manage records for contact tracing and temperature screening purpose 



Cloud-based solution enables users to track progress and access data anytime anywhere


Ensure compliance and implement a checklist required by your local government body 


Access employee records, manage work arrangements, schedule and track swab reports


Use pre-configured workplace checklist or customize the way you want

Tools that minimize physical contact and boost productivity

Workforce Tracking

Organize employee work arrangements, know who is working at home at a glance and enable staff to request permission to return to office. Employers can easily manage, review, and approve requests anytime anywhere. 

Work From Home Self-Assessment

Ensure employees health and safety while working remotely. Leverage from the Work From Home Self-Assessment Tool that helps each worker to have a secure and good working environment. 

Visitor Management System

The VMS is designed to help organizations or building owners to manage and track visitor's data including check-in and check-out, temperature screening records, and to keep these records for a certain period of time for easy contact tracing.

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COVID19 Case Management

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Swab Test Reporting

Organize and schedule employees for swab tests and monitor their findings. Employers can access a dashboard to view statistics and trends and easily monitor all employee swab test records.

Workplace Checklists

Enforce safe management measures and keep all workers safe and limit the spread of COVID19 in the workplace. Use workplace checklists to conduct inspections and checks to ensure compliance at all times. 

COVID19 Case Incident Reporting

Get the most out of COVID19 management app and accelerate your emergency and crisis response. Submit incident reports online, trigger an alert or follow up for any COVID19 related case. 


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Includes standard off the shelf COVID-19 Management Solution

  • Cleaning Checklist

  • Safe Management Checklist

  • Request to Return to Office Checklist

  • Work From Home Self-Assessment Checklist

  • Incident Checklist

  • Visitor Log Management

  • Staff Work Arrangement Management

  • Swab Reporting

  • COVID19 Incident Reporting and Action Plan

  • Electronic Document Management

  • Unlimited Users

  • Email, Chat, and Ticket Support

  • 1-day admin training

  • User access rights control

Discounted Subscription Price


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By request, please contact our sales team for customization enquiries.

  • Customize COVID-19 Management Solution using own checklist and workflows.


On quote

Normal offer $800/month


BlueKanGo Quality and EHS Management software offers a range of solutions that can help organizations manage their operations. 

Digital Checklists
Incident Reporting
Hazard Identification
Risk Management
Remote Audit
Document Management
HR & Training
Satisfaction Surveys
ISO Self-Assessment
Medical Visits
Patient Records
PPE Requests
Compliance Checks
Regulatory Watch

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