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Integrated Management System

Optimize your management system and gain certifications!

ESC offers an Integrated Management System consulting service to help organizations develop, implement, and maintain their Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment (QHSSE) Systems into one management system.

Integrated Management System provides a complete framework and combines all aspects of an organization’s systems, processes, policies, and standards. This kind of unified approach enables organizations to meet their obligations and treat the elements of the management system as a whole rather than looking at the individual systems separately.

What are the benefits of implementing an IMS?

Implementing an IMS can benefit an organization through improved efficiency, cost reduction, and continuous improvement. By implementing IMS, organizations can streamline their processes by eliminating redundancies in multiple standards, policies, objectives, and resources. IMS enables organizations to have better communication and decision making. 


IMS can also help establish consistency in the systems and create a unified approach that is simpler and easier to understand. More importantly, IMS can help organizations reduce costs in maintaining compliance checks and requirements, reduce audit duration with fewer documents to review, and reduce the time spent to perform certain activities. 

All-in-one IMS Solution

Professional IMS Support

ESC is a proven leader in EHS and sustainability management, we deliver right-sized solutions in tune with our clients' needs that mitigate risk and liability while improving performance. ESC has the expertise to implement multiple standards into an IMS. 

  • Gap Analysis 

  • Procedural Review 

  • Document Management System 

  • Compliance Audit & Inspection 

  • EHS Support 

  • Legal Register Update 

  • QHSSE Management System 

  • Risk Management 

  • ISO, OHSAS, BizSAFE Certification

  • Management of Change

  • BlueKanGo Cloud-based IMS Platform

Cloud-based IMS Platform


✔ Push notification alerts

✔ Completely configurable 

✔ Online approval process

✔ User rights access and control

✔ Real-time data and statistics review

✔ Offline mode

✔ Camera, voice, GPS, and e-signature enabled

✔ Accessible reports and records anytime and anywhere

✔ Fully Integrated Management System

ESC can help integrate your Management Systems

ESC consultants can work with you to discuss your certification requirements,  develop, implement, and maintain your organization's Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment management systems and launch an online platform to help you manage it.  Simply fill-up the form and our consultant will be in touch. 

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