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5 Benefits of an E-Permit to Work System To Facilities Management Companies

For any business operating in the real estate sector, managing health and safety risks is a day-to-day concern. In larger companies, the burden of maintaining safety standards for tenants; tracking incidents; and managing work permits and fit out permits across various work facilities can be time consuming and inefficient.

This is why more and more facilities management companies are discovering the benefits of going digital with their EHS compliance systems. Having recently been adopted by one of the world's largest facilities managements (FM) companies, ESC’s e-Permit to Work system (e-PTW) is one of the best options out there.

Here we list five ways that e-PTW software can improve EHS standards at your company.

1. Meet safety standards with ease.

For any company managing a portfolio of facilities, ensuring EHS compliance across all premises at any given time is a huge task. ESC’s intuitive, cloud-based software gives EHS managers visual access to work permits at all their company’s facilities on a centralised database, making it easy to prioritise tasks. What’s more, the EHS systems can be updated over time, ensuring pain-free adaptation to any regulatory changes and smooth expansion into new projects.

2. Ensure better overall safety standards.

Keeping track of planned work procedures and ensuring management systems in any facility are vital for maintaining high safety standards. The e-PTW system can record procedures for requesting, reviewing, authorising, documenting, and deconflicting tasks and then visualise the data, allowing building managers to quickly verify that workers have the appropriate authorisation to carry out tasks. The software also allows users to define safeguards to follow before, during, and after work, enabling EHS managers to identify risks and put preventative measures in place.

3. Reduce administrative burden

The more time and money a company spends on admin tasks, the less it can spend on growing the business. The e-PTW software lets companies manage all their facilities on one central platform, thus cutting out the types of administrative bottlenecks that can typically occur in large organisations. Work requiring the cooperation of multiple departments, stakeholders, and tenants is streamlined, with an electronic paper trail being compiled. All this means that your company can complete its due diligence with fewer resources being spent.

4. Foster good tenant relations

A successful business needs to keep its customers happy, and the primary customers for facilities management companies are their tenants. With an e-PTW system, tenants can apply for work permits swiftly and efficiently without the need to go through paper-based procedures, and approvals can be completed much more quickly. ESC’s e-PTW software platform operates as a tenant maintenance management system and can be accessed from anywhere by tenants to apply for work permits and request building maintenance. An automated alert is sent to the building manager, who can immediately review and authorise the work to be carried out. In this way, building problems can be fixed before they get out of hand, and the company can develop its reputation as a conscientious landlord.

5. Make data-driven improvements

One of the most difficult challenges any manager faces is making systemic changes that lead to visible improvements. Due to a lack of reliable data, adjustments are often made through intelligent guesswork or trial and error. The built-in analytics monitoring tool compiles historical and real-time EHS data and puts it at the manager’s fingertips, making for intuitive, visual data analysis, strategic insights, and surefire decision making.

Innovating and levelling up tenant management

ESC’s e-PTW software has been developed on the back of years of experience and innovation working alongside some of the biggest names in the real estate industry. The company’s unrivalled track record in EHS consultancy make its e-PTW the obvious choice for any facilities management company looking to benefit from all the advantages that a digital work permit system can provide.

If you would like to see the benefits firsthand, click here to book a free demo.


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