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Quality Management

Automate quality compliance processes and align them with industry standards, regulations, and customer requirements

BlueKanGo helps put into place a quality procedure in your organization. Covering diverse topics such as electronic document management to audit preparation, BlueKanGo is a fully fledged management solution, which will help you gain precious time for the quality conformity of your products and services 

Our Solution

Management of non-compliance

One of the problems in the management procedure is the non conformity and complaints, this happens when there is lack of follow up on anomalies and complaints. With BlueKanGo Quality Solution we automate your process for you to work smart and improve productivity. We will help you improve the handling of non conformity, analyze and secure your data, both internally and externally. Thus, preventing and reducing your cost for non-quality.

Audits and Surveys

Save up to 50% of your time during audits when you create a single click report. You can create your audit forms and import them easily. Conduct real-time site audits with your mobile device using your camera, GPS, and voice functions. No paperwork or excel spreadsheet needed. Your data is stored in our secured single platform.

Self Assessment and Certification

BlueKanGo brings you a solution that highlights your quality approach to comply with a specific framework or norm and to help you get the certification given by the relevant certifying body. When you use BlueKanGo, you can apply for a label or certification, or set up an internal self-assessment procedure.  

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is an essential asset for managing assignments in your company. BlueKanGo allows you to optimize follow-up and maintenance of your equipment and facilities thanks to a flexible and adaptable solution. Follow, file, analyze, manage your stock and equipment, it’s easy with BlueKanGo CMMS.

Risk Management

Manage your quality and risk management within your organization. Gather information, follow up actions in real-time by triggering specific alerts, dynamic processes, and risk mapping, manage and control your performance indicators. BlueKanGo software is flexible and is made to adapt to your specific needs. 

Work Smarter and Improve Productivity


Customize Digital Forms and Sign Electronically


Real Time Data Monitoring and Tracking


Organize and Analyze Your Reports and Trigger Action 


Works Offline and Online On Any Browser


Import and Export your Files to PDF & Excel Easily


Activate GPS and Device Features For Easy Tracking

Do you have a question or a project for us?

We can discuss your unique requirements and work with you to create a fit purpose solution based on your needs. Schedule a demo and speak to our consultant today. 

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