Legal Register

Stay on top of Regulatory requirements

The EHS Legal Register service provided by ESC assists organizations in adapting to a changing regulatory environment. Our dedicated EHS Consultant have thorough understanding of the local environment, regulations, policies and practices that helps organizations to understand unfamiliar regulatory structures, to identify and implement the most applicable laws and regulations.

ESC helps companies to assess and build the EHS Legal Register and provide regular updates to help your organization comply with the regulations in your region. Now, our clients can have an easy understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to their business. Check out some tips below on how you can reduce risk. 

Our Solution

EHS Legal Register Preparation and Update Service (Standard)

  • Standard EHS Legal Register format delivered in excel 

  • Available in multi-jurisdictions

EHS Legal Register Lite

  • Customised EHS Legal Register tailored to fit your organisation’s regulatory compliance. 

  • Frequent regulatory reviews to check for updates or changes to the regulations. 

  • Legal Register update service provided by EHS Consultant.  

  • Summary of EHS Legislation systematically documented by EHS expert in spreadsheet format. 

  • Available in multi-jurisdictions 

  • Unlimited users for the platform 

Regulatory Watch System

  • Online access to the Regulatory Watch system - a comprehensive source of EHS Legal Register database.

  • Monitor and track compliance using a single platform for easy management review. 

  • Easily filter Applicable and Non-Applicable legislations.

  • Assign Actions to responsible people and departments within the organization. 

  • Receive automatic notification alert for any update or changes to the regulations. 

  • Quarterly or half-yearly regulatory reviews to check for updates or changes to the regulations.

  • Legal Register update service provided by EHS Consultant. 

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