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Legal Register

Stay on top of Regulatory requirements

One of the common flaws discovered during an environmental, health & safety (EHS) audit is the failure to update EHS legislation timely and accurately. The monitoring process of EHS legislation for various management systems can be tedious and time-consuming. 


Staying on top of regulatory changes allows organisations to adapt to any changes, adjust their operations, and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations.

Our Legal Register solutions provide our clients with up-to-date and relevant local and international regulations for EHS compliance in each country or region they operate. Our EHS Consultants are subject matter experts with deep legislative insights, assisting businesses in understanding new regulatory systems and identifying and implementing the most applicable laws.

Our Solution

EHS Legal Register Preparation and Updating Service

ESC's Legal Register preparation and updating service is a cost-effective tool that assists your organisations in building and understanding the EHS Legal Register. The Legal Register developed by EHS consultants includes a comprehensive list of legal citations or references to laws and regulations specific to the region or country in which your organisation operates.


  • List of EHS country laws and regulations

  • Organised by topic for quick and easy reading of details

  • Descriptive summary of the law or regulation

  • Summary of key requirements

  • Available in multi-jurisdiction in English or local language

  • Available by industry type

  • Linked to legislation source

  • Standard EHS Legal Register format in excel

Get started with building your excel Legal Register today!

Regulatory Watch System

The Regulatory Watch system is a digital legal register solution supported by ESC's EHS subject matter experts. ESC's Regulatory Watch system puts you in control of EHS legal requirements and compliance, allowing organisations to centrally track compliance with laws and regulations, be audit-ready, and boost accountability toward legal obligations. 

All the standard features in EHS Legal Register Preparation and Updating Service plus: 

  • Online access to the Regulatory Watch system - a comprehensive source of the EHS Legal Register database

  • Monitor and track compliance using a single platform for easy management review

  • Easily filter Applicable and Non-Applicable legislations

  • Assign Actions to responsible people and departments within the organisation

  • Receive automatic notification alerts for any updates or changes to the regulations

  • Quarterly or half-yearly regulatory reviews to check for updates and changes to the regulations

  • Legal Register update service provided by EHS Consultant

Do you want a digital Legal Register system?

Simple, customizable, complete, and audit-ready Regulatory Watch Software

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