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COVID19 Management: Boosting business resiliency through Digital Innovation

About the webinar

In this webinar, our Consultants discussed how digital tools can create business resilience in the face of crisis and how it is imperative to adopt digitalization to minimize physical contact and operate safely and efficiently.

View the recording and gain insights on:

  • COVID19 Implications on businesses

  • The value of digital tools now

  • First-hand best practices to help you strategize your digital transformation initiative

Watch the webinar replay and see how your company can benefit.

About the speaker

Richard Sirrs is a business development lead for ESC and BlueKanGo with a background in environmental regulation. He's been helping companies in Europe and Asia develop management systems and leverage new technologies to support their compliance activities for over 10 years.

Muhammad Nurhaslam is a Senior Consultant for ESC with 12 years of experience providing regulatory advice, onsite and offsite consulting, audits, analysis, and management system support. He is also experienced in Project Management and create new business opportunities for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

Laiza Fidel is a business development specialist for ESC with a strong background in sales and marketing creating new business opportunities and product development. She specializes in implementing digital solutions to client partners and extends the global reach of BlueKanGo.


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