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WEBINAR: Improving operational safety and efficiency with e-Permit to Work System

About the webinar

Permit To Work (PTW) is an important element of an effective health and safety management system. A formal authorization system is used in an organization to control selected work activities to ensure the safe execution of work on site.

Traditionally, PTW systems were paper-based checklists, filled-out by pen, and taken by hand to the relevant personnel for signing off. However, the paper-based system has some drawbacks, including; lost time waiting for staff to sign-off, lost and damaged documents and little to no measures to prevent tampering of documents.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the benefits of implementing an e-PTW system and how a digitized system can increase functionality and better manage the planning, coordination, control, and visibility of all PTW activities across the workplace.

About the speakers

Richard Sirrs is a business development lead for ESC and BlueKanGo with a background in environmental regulation. He's been helping companies in Europe and Asia develop management systems and leverage new technologies to support their compliance activities for over 10 years.

Laiza Fidel is a business development specialist for ESC with a strong background in sales and marketing creating new business opportunities and product development. She specializes in implementing digital solutions to client partners and extends the global reach of BlueKanGo.

Ashri Abdullah is an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Consultant for ESC with 18 years of experience providing regulatory advice, onsite and offsite consulting, audits, analysis, and management system support for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). He is also experienced in emergency preparedness and training for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).


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