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Multinational Food Company Partners with ESC to Develop EHS Legal Register for Two Plant Sites in Indonesia

An image representing a food processing company embarking on strengthening legal register compliance in Indonesia.

A leading food processing company, renowned for its iconic brands, has selected ESC to develop a comprehensive legal register for its two plant sites in Indonesia. This new project demonstrates the company's commitment to legal compliance and improving its understanding of the environmental, health & safety (EHS) regulatory framework.  


The food company sought ESC's expertise for several reasons. Firstly, their existing legal register had limitations. It lacked the necessary depth and specificity to ensure compliance with local regulations at the two plant sites. Additionally, the company faced difficulties in monitoring and managing licensing requirements in these locations. The in-house team encountered a significant challenge in evaluating compliance in these areas, prompting them to seek assistance from ESC. 


ESC provides a comprehensive solution for compliance with international and local Indonesian regulations. Our EHS experts are proficient in understanding and executing relevant regulations. The company chooses ESC to reduce compliance risks, stay updated with regulatory changes, and focus on core business operations. The project includes an EHS compliance audit, workforce training, and quarterly regulatory revision monitoring. The goal is to identify gaps in legal registries and enhance team knowledge, promoting adherence to changing EHS requirements and a culture of continuous improvement. 


The client will benefit greatly from collaborating with ESC to create an EHS Legal Register for its two plants located in Indonesia. The Legal Register solution from ESC provides a centralised platform for managing, keeping track of, and updating legal obligations in terms of safety and environmental standards. Their operations team can save significant time and money by using ESC's solution to expedite compliance management, which would have otherwise been required for laborious monitoring procedures. The timely EHS notification alerts will allow the client to quickly adapt its processes to regulatory changes and remain compliant.  


ESC is a leading provider of EHS & risk management services, specialising in legal registries and compliance evaluations for various sectors. With experience in biotech, construction, retail, F&B, healthcare, marine, aerospace, and more, ESC is committed to providing excellent EHS services across Asia and beyond. 


Get in contact with us right now to find out how putting in place an EHS Legal Register may simplify the way your company operates and successfully handle the regulatory compliance challenges. 


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