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Save time and resources with Remote Audits

BlueKanGo launches a new feature to perform audits and inspections remotely. BlueKanGo integrates a solution of Visio-expertise on its platform to allow companies to remotely perform audits or inspections and thus limit employee travel.

What is a remote audit?

A remote audit is the same as an on-site audit, only the auditor engages the auditee using technological devices or solutions. A remote audit allows the auditor to perform audit documentation, review records, tour your premises, interview employees, and present the findings using a range of technology platforms including phone and video conferencing, webcams, smartphones, and smart glasses are utilized.

Remote auditing is also one of the audit methods described in ISO 19011:2018 to provide flexibility in achieving audit objectives.

How does BlueKanGo remote audit work?

Remote audit leverage technology such as video teleconferencing, and web-based or cloud-based auditing platforms to facilitate audit, inspections, or assessment. The process will likely go as follows:

Remote auditing also enables you to connect to various mobile devices available in the market such as drones, removable HD cameras, security helmets, or smart glasses.

Benefits of remote audit

  • Saves time and resources

  • Reduces employee travel time to difficult locations or isolated areas

  • Accessible anytime and anywhere

  • Identify and mitigate risk in real-time

  • Easy collaboration from planning, scheduling, actual audit, and post-audit review

  • Remote access to documentation of the management system and its processes

How ESC can help with audits?

ESC leverages technology and offers a range of solutions that mitigate risk and liability. We develop and implement EHS programs designed to meet or exceed our client’s requirements. Our remote audit delivery approach depends on your audit scheme requirements. ESC has a team of consultants to help clients meet technical developments and requirements to perform internal audits, site walk-throughs, and safety audits. Please contact us for more details.

For more information, demonstration request, or request a quote please drop us a message.


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