e-Permit to Work

Boost the productivity of your sites

Choose a digital management that will save you time, reduce your risk and ensure your compliance. Improve your sites enforcement, monitoring, verification and approval process with a digitized Permit to Work System. Compared to traditional paper-based system, the e-PTW System greatly reduces the lost of time and cost an organization spend on forms filing, tag writing, paper transportation from one place to another and chasing for signatures.

ESC provides users with a single platform access to manage, track and report all PTW requests and ensure all stakeholders are given visibility on PTW status for better communication and project management. e-PTW manages the entire work permit sequence including permit application, assessment, and approval process until successful job completion.

Simplify and improve the way you work. BlueKanGo replaces paper, Excel, Word files ... Watch this short video and see how it works

e-Permit to Work Features

✔ Push notification alerts

✔ Custom streamlined permit creation

✔ Online approval process

✔ User rights access and control

✔ Real-time data and statistics review

✔ Offline mode

✔ Camera, voice, GPS, and e-signature enabled

✔ Accessible reports and records anytime and anywhere

✔ Fully integrated e-Permit to Work System

Package Plans

Package plans are based on off the shelf modules. Custom or specialised solution is available upon request, please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Can I try the software before making a purchase?

Yes. Please contact us to conduct a demo presentation and to provide a 14-day free trial of the software

Can I customize the workflow?

Yes. Customized workflow can be done with applicable charges. You may speak to our consultant to discuss your requirements.

Are there any charges to build the platform?

No. Our e-PTW system and Site Safety Platform are standard solutions and you only pay for your annual subscription

Is there a local phone number to support us?

Yes. You may contact ESC office for assistance. Charges may apply for request of local phone support.

Can I have user control on the platform?

Yes. You can nominate your own user admin to gain control of the user access rights for each user. We will provide your employee with a 1-day admin training.

Is your system compliant with the local WSH regulations?

Yes. Our platform is designed to follow the local WSH regulations.

Is your system cloud-based?

Yes. Our BlueKanGo software is a cloud-based system and is hosted by Microsoft Azure.

Does the software send auto alerts?

Yes. Our software provides real-time notification alerts to every stakeholder.

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